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Is there any way that I can see the difference between ordinary visors & polarized visors?

The Best way to make that decision is to ask for a demonstration. Try an ordinary visor and look at a bright, glary surface, such as a glass countertop or the windshield of a passing car. Then try on a polarized visor and make your comparison. To test polarization, take our visor & rotate it, while looking through, an LCD screen or another polarized lens & you will see a complete block of light at the 90° angle.

Why do Glare Guard polarized visors cost more than regular car visors?

There is a big difference quality. Ordinary visors are just colored plastic. Polarized visors are a product of a special laminating process that sandwiches 3-6 layers of material together. This process requires strict quality controls and meets F.D.A safety standards. We also have a stronger bracket system than others on the market that guarantee a long lasting purchase.

What is the difference between visible light and glare?

Visible light refers to the amount of light we see. For example, there is more visible light at noon than at twilight. Glare, on the other hand, is a particular quality of light. it is the reflected or bounced light that is produced by sunlight on any shiny surface, snow, water or road.

How long will delivery take?

We use USPS for our delivery method and the average delivery time for domestic deliveries is 2-3 days with international shipments ranging from 7-10 days. If for some reason you need to use a different carrier please specify in your order notes or give us a call.

How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

We use Stripe as our merchant for a reason. We do not collect any sensitive information while you browse our site. Stripe is one of the most trusted merchants on the market and your information is very secure with them.

We also use Paypal if you are more comfortable with their services.

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