For that person who wants both good looks and durability too, Glare Guard has the right shades for you. All of our men’s and women’s sunglasses have been designed in the USA, offering 100% polarization–full protection from glare and UV rays.

Have a style in mind? Our lenses range in material from TAC and Nylon to Trivex in a variety of different options. Compare our glasses to the most popular sunglass store brands—same protection, stylish looks and durability, at a fraction of the price.


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Men’s Revel Polarized Sunglasses

$119.99 $99.99

The Revel. This mens sunglass has a sleek urban design. Silver metal frames support stylish curved lines that are attractive on most face shapes. Polarized lenses offer an ultra-clear line of vision while providing maximum sun protection. Solid hinges are highly durable, making these impact resistant and long-lasting, The mirrored exterior completes the classic look.

Men’s Shadow Polarized


The Shadow. This classic aviator style is a Glare Guard favorite. With the midnight black stainless steel frame, this style is sure to turn heads. Trivex lenses provide you with the highest optical clarity that remains as strong and light as polycarbonate lenses. Advanced color correction additives ensure sharp pictures and outstanding contrast.

Glare Guard Mens Polarized Sunglasses

Men’s Statesman Polarized Sport


Finally, a pair of high-quality polarized sport sunglasses at a great price point. Glare Guard’s new Statesman sports wayfarer style is a frame that is made with every bit of style you’d expect from a high-end sunglass, with the durability and sun protection you need in one.

Strong polarized lenses greatly reduce harmful glare, and a darker appearance than most standard glasses not only gives you a sleek look, it provides great clarity. The outside world looks just as it should.


Glare guard Womens SunglassesGlare Guard Womens Sunglasses

Women’s Vega Polarized – Round




Functional yet trendy, these black rounded frames give you exactly what you need–large visual coverage and full UV protection. But that’s only for starters, because scratch-resistant, anti-glare lenses help you see your surroundings more clearly. And for added fun, the stem of the frames turn from black to blue, making these your go-to glasses, perfect for travel, shopping or just soaking up a few rays of sun in your own backyard.

Enjoy the clarity and comfort of luxury polarized sunglasses from Glare Guard that offer the perfect balance of style and protection.